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Media in Poland

Poland is a very interesting market with a highly educated and industrious population of about 40 million.

Our largest investment in Poland is F7dobry, (dobry means good) which has 2 million visits per month. – It is mostly nice news, tips that can make your life better. There is a large predominance of women, over 70%.

F7sport is an investment that we are gradually stepping up, we will have four new employees who want to work with sports in Poland, get in touch if it is of interest. – It is important that you are fluent in two languages, Polish and either German or English.

F7city is the starting point for our local investment, we are present in five cities in Poland in addition to our head office in Gdynia: Posnan, Wroclav, Krakov, Gdynia and Lodz.

We are rolling out now and it will be our new mothership in Poland.